County Health Departments
  Gateway District Health Department

The Gateway District Health Department exists to protect people's health and well being. Through our programs and services, we hope to prevent injury and illness, promote good health practices, keep the environment safe and clean, and help you enjoy a long, high quality, and healthy life. If you need to contact us about our programs and services, you may call us at our district office or at any of our four county health centers.

The phone numbers are:

Gateway District Health Department: 606-674-6396 Fax: 606-674-3071
Bath County Health Center: 606-674-2731
Elliott Count Health Department: 606-738-5205
Menifee County Health Center: 606-768-2151
Morgan County Health Center: 606-743-3744
Rowan County Health Center: 606-784-8954

If you would like to offer suggestions for improving this website or to report problems with the website please call the District Office at the above number.


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