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What is First Steps?

First Steps is a statewide early intervention system that provides services to children with developmental disabilities from birth to age 3 and their families. First steps offers comprehensive services through a variety of community agencies and service disciplines and is administered by the Department for Public Health in the Cabinet for Health and Family Services.

Who may be eligible for First Steps?

A child may be eligible for services if an evaluation shows that a child is not developing typically in at least one of the following skill areas: communication, cognition, physcial, social and emotional or self-help. A Child may be eligible if he of she receives a diagnosis of a physical or mental condition with high probability of resulting developmental delay, such as Down Syndrome.
First Steps can help answer questions that parents frequently have about their child's growth and development such as:
  • My child is one year old. Why are they not walking by themselves?
  • How many words should my child know by age 2?
  • Why does my child have trouble playing with other children?
  • Children with developmental delays or conditions likely to cause delays benefit greatly from First Steps services during critical developmental years.


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