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FEB 11, 2019 - Announcement from GDHD Environmentalist Rebekkah Layne regarding online food safety certification.

It has come to my attention that there is reportedly someone claiming that the Rowan County Health Center is offering an online food handlers training certification.

The environmental division of the Gateway District Health Department has NEVER offered any sort of online certification for food safety, nor do we accept such certification.

Upon further investigation, I have confirmed with the Kentucky State Food Safety Branch in Frankfort that this similar web address has been attached to fraudulent behavior before. The address attached to the website is that of the Rowan County Parole Office; I contacted them and they have never offered any sort of training online either (which would also be prohibited).

The website address is .

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As a follow up to the "See Something, Say Something"campaign email, the Kentucky Food Safety Branch has been advised by our state Office of Homeland Security, that a 24/7 tip line for the reporting of suspicious activity has been established.  Kentucky businesses, including food establishments, are encouraged to utilize the tip line and the online reporting tool.
To report suspicious activity by phone - 1-866-EYE-ON-KY ( 1-866-393-6659)
To report suspicious activity online -


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Recent outbreaks of gastrointestinal illness makes it more important than ever to follow safe food handling practices.  Please click HERE to see steps your establishment can take to reduce the chances of spreading gastrointestinal illness.


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